Why Natural

There are many good reasons why more and more people choose to live a greener life with truly natural products. Products made from natural ingredients cause fewer allergies and other health problems that are associated with chemicals. Natural products have proven their goodness in centuries of use. Sustainable production with organic materials conserves scarce resources like petroleum for our children and grandchildren. 

Live a green life, live in harmony with nature!

What you get from us: truly natural products

All our products are selected according to our strict policies, which follow our believes and passion about striving for a greener environment. 
  • Free from harmful chemicals and petrochemical derivatives
  • Organic farming, with certification where this is affordable by the producer.
  • All ingredients are disclosed on our product labels.
  • Not tested on animals, nor do our products or their byproducts cause harm to animals.
  • Fairly trading with small, sustainable producer communities, where purity of nature still exists.
  • Increasing use of packaging that is made from recycled materials and recyclable. 
We use superior substances for Bee Glorious skin care, whose positive effects have been proven since ancient times:
  • Moringa oil: with exceptional anti-aging properties of its antioxidants and oleic acid.
  • Virgin coconut oil: protective and healing capabilities by preventing formation of free radicals.
  • Pure gold: rejuvenating effects by slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin.
  • Wild beeswax: protects with a long-lasting coating and its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Other food: milk, honey, tamarind, Jasmine rice, mung beans, sea salt, and Kaffir-Lime fruit.
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Bee Glorious fashion and household items are handcrafted from natural, sustainably harvested materials, which have been traditionally used in Southeast Asia for their practical benefits: 
  • Bamboo: grows fast also naturally in the forest, provides flexible and strong fibers, and can be smoked instead of dyed.
  • Sedge: a grass like plant that grows fast, and is flexible and very durable.
  • Other natural materials: mango wood, rattan, and cotton.
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