The making of Banana Leaf products

Braided Banana Leaf Fashion

Fashion accessories without compromise:
  • Unique: intricately braided designs
  • Eco-friendly: banana leaves is a sustainable material in natural colours (no chemical dyes)
  • Fairly traded: helping a small artisan community in Northeastern Thailand grow

Brought to you directly from small communities

Photo by Nui Esser, 2011
This is part of the village community in Northeastern Thailand which designs and crafts Bee Glorious fashion accessories from banana leaves growing around the village. The bananas are good, too!

The "making of" was documented by the owner of Bee Glorious on her most recent visit. 

Photo by the village community
Banana leaves have to be picked dry from the tree at the right time to achieve strong and flexible material.
Photo by Nui Esser, 2011
Tearing banana leaves into strips is just one of the tedious steps involved
Photo by Nui Esser, 2011
Banana leaf strips are laboriously spun into short threads, which are smoked to protect against mold. The natural colour is retained; no dyes are used.
Photo by Nui Esser, 2011
Artisans braid banana leaf threads into intricate patterns. The braids are then sewn together to form fashion accessories. A single hat is made up of 1500 threads!
A Bee Glorious banana leaf bag or hat is an easy way to better get in touch with nature and help a village community to live better lives.

Ladies Hat


Hat Hairpin

Curly Ladies Hat

Shoulder Bag

Hairpin with Stick

Mens Hat

Large Shoulder Bag

Flower Hairpin

Note: these handmade products may vary slightly in size and colour tone. Appliances may look different than depicted.
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