Sedge Grass Crafts

Sedge Grass Crafts 

Practical items for your household that are also:

  • Beautiful: indigenous handwoven designs with traditional patterns
  • Green: sustainably harvested in local farming
  • Fairly traded: helping a small artisan community in Northeastern Thailand grow

Thai people traditionally take their meals in picnic style on mats made from sedge. Sedge is a grass like plant, which typically grows on wet ground. The mats are very durable, also walkable, and can last a life long.

             Photo by Nui Esser, 2011

Brought to you directly from small communities

A village cooperative in Northeastern Thailand produces mats and purses for Bee Glorious. Follow the owner of Bee Glorious on her last trip to this village, where she documented how artisans take different shares in the production steps.

Photo by Nui Esser, 2011                                                                         Photo by Nui Esser, 2011

The villagers grow sedge grass on wet patches in and around their village. The grass regrows fast.

After drying in the sun, the flexible grass is cleaned, cut, and bundled up.

Photo by Nui Esser, 2011                                                                         Photo by Nui Esser, 2011

The sedge bundles are dyed and dried in the backyards.

Artisans weave durable mats still in traditional ways. The trims and straps are then sewed to the mats.

Feel connected to a village community with a Bee Glorious sedge grass mat or purse, and support their cooperative!

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