Roasted Butter Nut Squash

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We want our blog to be a place where we can share our green living with you. We hope that you’ll journey with us as we open our doors and welcome you into our home for a personal touch of how we are living green. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Don't you just love cooking in season? It's pretty much like fashion - either you're in or you're out. Lucky for us, we managed to store in tip top shape a butternut squash that was generously given to us by our organic farmer last fall.

Butternut squash is a fruit that you can roast, toast, puréed and believe me, you can do a lot more. And for supper, we're in a mood for something roasted.


1 medium size butter nut squash

1 - 2 cloves of garlic

2 - 3 sprigs of fresh thyme

1 - 2 TBS of olive oil

Cherry tomatoes - halved

Salt and pepper to taste

Grated cheese (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

2. Clean and cut squash in half - lengthwise and remove the seeds

3. Crush garlic and thyme together and mix with olive oil

4. Brush the mixture over the squash and place some in the middle of the squash together with tomatoes

5. Roast the squash for 30 - 45 mins, until flesh is fork-tender

6. If use cheese, sprinkle over the squash and roast for another 10 mins

7. Sprinkle with black pepper and salt


- Add some nuts to the mixture or sprinkle over with the cheese

- Sprinkle maple syrup all over the squash for a slightly sweet taste

Let us know what you think! :)

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Give Your Mom a Piece of Mother Nature this Mother’s Day

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What I love about spring is that it is a season to revere everything maternal. Mother Nature reawakens, the earth gets a day of joyous celebration and mothers from all over the world are given well-deserved tributes. 
Treat your eco-mom to the great outdoors! There’s nothing more glorious than mother nature’s beauty and nothing more relaxing than reveling in it. Take her for a nature hike through the woods. Play a guessing game – have fun identifying the trees and wild flowers you come across. Inhale the heady scent of the flowers and thank Mother Nature for her bounty.

No woods near your home? Never mind. Take your mother for a picnic. Celebrate spring by drinking in the beauty of the green grass and the blue sky while letting the breeze run its fingers through your hair. Use only natural, eco-friendly products, like picnic mats made from sedge grass which are durable as well as flexible. Please your mom as well as Mother Nature by using banana leaf hats to protect yourselves from the sun.

If there’s a beach nearby, have a fun time with your mom at the beach, swimming and sunbathing, and celebrating the glorious revival of Mother Earth in springtime. Realize how much we are all Mother Nature’s children, and how much we have to give back to her.

Green isn’t just a movement anymore - it’s a way of life. Think about using environmentally friendly products in your day-to-day life. Throw out those plastic, vinyl and rexine products. Bags, jewelry and other natural products made from bamboo, coconut shells, etc., not only let you breathe easy, but cause less pollution too.

Convince your mom about the importance of giving your energy-guzzling computers, televisions, tablets and laptops a day off while you are out celebrating Mother’s Day. Thinking about reducing your carbon footprint, even if only for a day, will make both of you feel good.

Volunteer to decorate your house with household items that scream au naturel! Be more environment-friendly by letting in natural air, using wooden furniture and fixtures and decorating the rooms with indoor plants. 

Finally, pamper her with nature’s formula for skin and hair care. Products made from natural and organic ingredients have a way of keeping skin refreshingly smooth and making hair vibrantly fragrant.

There’s no limit to what you can do with your mom to celebrate a green Mother’s Day this year. Be creative with your plans but most important of all, be earth-friendly!

*Autumn Bee

Original posted date: 11/05/2012

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Spring Skincare: 5 Eco-Friendly Regimens to help you bloom

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 With almost everyone I know pitching in to help save our earth, I thought of trying eco-friendly products to help me blossom this spring. If Mother Nature is able to nurture the earth quite gloriously, shouldn’t I be spring-cleaned by its natural beauty as well?

But don’t you find typical long list of steps quite tedious? So I came up with these 5 eco-friendly spring skincare tips that will awaken your winter beauty from slumber:

Exfoliating, toning and moisturizing are components of facial care that should always go together and must be followed in order. I don’t feel comfortable enumerating each separately, as if one could do one without the other.   

Our face is the most exposed part of our body and is in constant contact with airborne particles, so, begin with a through cleansing. Use a facial wash with natural exfoliant AHA. It cleanses your skin gently and smoothly. Once your face is clean, go on to the second step, toning. An organic toner removes dirt and chemicals from make-up and excess oil that facial cleansers don’t. Most importantly, it leaves the skin looking fresher and it shrinks pores. Next use a moisturizer to re-hydrate your face to a smooth finish. Moisturizing protects the pores from dirt that cause skin irritation and breakouts. Hydrated skin improves a proper blood circulation.

Hair damage during winter is fairly common. Aside from enduring the harsh winter chill, the hair falls prey to the constant air-drying as wet hair is an open invitation to colds. But don’t grab those commercial products just yet. Soaking your hair in chemical-infused products may just do more harm than good. Try eco-friendly shampoos and conditioners. Our body produces natural oil that nurtures our hair. So the natural ingredients from organic products will work together with our body rather than against it. They say that 60% of what makes our face beautiful is actually our hair. Stay naturally beautiful with naturally-made shampoo and conditioner.

Now that your skin can breathe easy in spring, it needs your help in order for the blood to flow normally, and allow the continuous replacement of dead skin cells with new ones. So, do yourself a favor: and shower with a body wash that soothes your skin, and pamper yourself with a lotion that re-hydrates and revitalizes. Soon, you’ll be stepping out with a fully hydrated body.

Bearing your weight day by day is no small feat. Don’t delay your visit to an eco-friendly spa to get the best care that your feet need. Get a foot massage; one that does not make you cringe but rather that makes you go “Aaah”. Or better yet, experience spa-like comfort in your own home, using a basin, water, foot salt scrub, a towel and foot lotion. You’ll be treading your way to your daily tasks with a renewed lightness. 

We’ve heard so much about eating right that there is really nothing more to be said about it. Although a natural skin regimen does wonders, all your effort will be futile if you’re not eating right. I’m not asking you to go vegan, just encourage anyone to make smart choices in shopping for food. Research organic foods and shift to drinks made from natural juices - just buy those fresh oranges from the market and squeeze your way to a vitamin-rich drink. Sometimes eating properly requires a change in lifestyle, but take things one step at a time. A little bit goes a long way, doesn’t it?

*Autumn Bee

Original posted date: 09/05/2012

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Lucky Winners at Eco-Expo Ottawa 2012

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 And...the winners are.....

Congratulations to Lisa and Frank Hartmann, the winners of our lucky draw at ECO EXPO 2012 for our new European Certified Organic line Jeanbio Olive - Value $200. Lisa and Frank won a facial set with Cleansing Emulsion, Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream.

Isn't their house glorious green? :)

Congratulations to Donna Jokinen, the  winner of our lucky draw at ECO EXPO 2012 for our Skin Care You Could Eat line - Value $105. Donna won 100% Extra Virgin Moringa Oil (15 ml), Jasmine Rice Scrub (160 g), Peaceful Balm (50 g), Kaffir Lime Shampoo and Salt Scrub.

By the way, thanks for the yummy hot chocolate, Donna! :)

Original posted date: 01/05/2012

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